Any way to check if a text buffer window is overloaded?

Hey there, I think the answer may be no but I just had to ask before giving up.

Is there any way to check if the amount of text that has just been printed in a text buffer window is too large to fit in the window? I’m imagining maybe not since each interpreter seems to handle this situation differently anyway.

The reason I’m asking is because I’d like to make an inventory window (with the Flexible Windows extension) that refreshes every turn but the player’s inventory can get very large, and in WinGit, if a text buffer window needs to show ‘more’ then the player must hit enter again every turn to scroll the text to the bottom of the window. So I’d like to be able to just replace this with a message that says ‘inventory too large to be displayed’ instead, when that’s the case.

No, that information isn’t accessible to the game.