"Any-Type" data error

Twine Version: 2.3.13
Story Format: Harlowe 3.2.1

I’m struggling with an error that hits when I add a set of strings containing adjectives and the name of an item together into an array containing the full description of that item (e.g. “ornate” + “black” + “iron” + “sword” to result in “ornate black iron sword” when the array values are printed). Here’s the code:

(set: $P1Weap1 to (a: $Weap1Desc1 + " " + $Weap1Color + " " + $Weap1Desc2 + " " to $Weap1Type))
(set: $P1Weap2 to (a: $Weap2Desc1 + " " + $Weap2Color + " " + $Weap2Desc2 + " " to $Weap2Type))

This code works fine as-is for the main character (“P0”), as well as for the secondary character when it runs for other equipment (armor & clothing). However, when it runs the above specifically for the secondary character (“P1”), I get the following error:

Any-type $Weap1Desc1 isn't the same type of data as the string " "
Any-type $Weap2Desc1 isn't the same type of data as the string " "

According to the variables breakdown, however, $Weap1Desc1 and $Weap1Desc2 are indeed defined as strings, and $Weap1Desc1 is string tests out as true. I’m sure there’s some really easy fix here and I’m going to facepalm hard enough to leave a mark when someone points it out to me, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why Harlowe is insisting that $Weap1Desc1 is a datatype “Any-type” instead of a string when all evidence indicates otherwise. Any thoughts on where my error could be?

If I assume you have previously assigned String values to the relevant variables like so…

(set: $Weap1Desc1 to "ornate")
(set: $Weap1Color to "black")
(set: $Weap1Desc2 to "iron")
(set: $Weap1Type to "sword")

…then I’m confused why you are including the to keyword assignment operator within your Array element creation…

$Weap1Desc1 + " " + $Weap1Color + " " + $Weap1Desc2 + " " to $Weap1Type

…because if you wanted to concatenated the current value of the $Weap1Type variable to the end of the string you’re generating then you would use the plus mathematical operator like so…

$Weap1Desc1 + " " + $Weap1Color + " " + $Weap1Desc2 + " " + $Weap1Type

I’m not sure geographically where in the world you may be located, but you probably heard the sharp crack from my facepalm. That did the trick.