Any thoughts about accessing computers? [RESOLVED]

I had a question for you all. I’m trying to add something to a game I’m writing in Inform 7 and I’m not sure how to proceed with it. I wanted to allow the player to request information from the ship on board computer.

Any suggestions where in the documentation or recipe book I can go read?

You can check out this extension. . .

Thanks. That’s going to be helpful. :slight_smile:

Typically I’ve seen computers handled in similar fashion to notebooks:
CONSULT computer ABOUT topic

Basically, a conversational system, and it produces a result say “All the stuff it says”. The Emily Short extension is really nice, however, for a more complex/open computer experience.

I am working on a game with a very simple computer system (a wearable, 3-d computer system), and my mechanics are:

  1. Player wears device
  2. Player is moved to a new room (with no exits) called Menu
  3. Menu’s description lists the 4 things they can do (read a note, view a recording, read an email, or write a report).
  4. If they try to leave (go west, south, etc) the game just says, “I’ll have to remove the device to exit the menu.”
  5. “Remove” the device will exit, moving the player back to the main room.

I liked the sense of creating a “room” for using the computer, but that fit my theme.