Any PG Robb Sherwin games?

I’ve played through all of the Best Story, Best Writing, Best Game, and Best Puzzle nominees now, but I stayed away from some games like Stiffly Maka e and others. One author I avoided from the rumors was Robb Sherwin. But he has a ton of games on these lists.

Are any of his games relatively free of profanity/sexuality/gratuitous violence?


Nope. Robb Sherwin is the whole package.

“Saied” may be the mildest, but it’s also the least interesting. If you want to experience Robb Sherwin, brace yourself and enjoy the ride. Or not. It took a while for me to get used to it at first, and I didn’t even know that I WANTED to get used to it… now I just love it.

Asking for a PG Sherwin game is like asking for a PG porn flick. It totally misses the point.

(Not that Sherwin does porn games or anything.)

Yeah, honestly you should try his games. I would recommend Cryptozookeeper first, but that’s probably due to that being the first of his games I really got into.

I’m not an easy person to offend, but I find that IF games that are purposely “over the top” are just… well kind of tacky or lame to me. Mentula Macanus: Apocolocyntosis comes to mind. I wanted to like that one as it seemed like an interesting concept and the author seems like a cool dude, but I just couldn’t get into it. Robb’s games are not within in a group of games like that at all in my opinion.

The only thing I recall in a Sherwin game I felt “eh, that’s a bit much…” was a rather colorful reference to a “fat guy”. But that was before I realized Robb and people featured in the game all joked with each other about being fat.