Any interest in a Los Angeles area meetup?

Hahaha perfect!

OK! I’ve Tweeted, posted on /r/interactivefiction, and started a Meetup. If we don’t get a few more people to come through the door, it’s not for lack of trying.

Looking forward to it!

How did this go? If you do it again, I’m in San Diego, might be interested in driving up for it.

It went great! Next Meetup is at IndieCade Night Games in Culver City, Saturday Oct 24–definitely one of the more worth-your-while IF nights in LA!

We’d love to see you if you’re willing to make the shlep!

I’m in town for IndieCade, so I’ll be there!

OH HELL YES. A group is meeting at the dancing-bathrobe-lion statue between the Culver Hotel and the theater at 8 PM, for those who want to go in together (Night Games start before then, but 8’s the gathering time.) Haven’t come up with any secret handshake for identifying each other inside, but seeing as how the whole crowd is pretty much one big LA IF Meetup, maybe there’s no need :smiley:

Looking forward to it! NIGHT GAMES RULE.

Giving this a wee bump as we’re just over a week out from our IndieCade Night Games Meetup.

Looks like we’ll have a group of 5-8 people, which is a great size. Do get your Night Games ticket in advance. Meet you at the Culver Hotel fountain (dancing bathrobe lion) between 8 PM and 815 PM Saturday October 24. I’ll be the largeish blondish white lady with red handbag and flower in hair.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Update: I had a super-fun time. Hope you all did, too.

It was super rad to see you, awatt! And super rad to get time with everybody. Let’s scheme a scheme of the next meetup. Here’s to many more!

Thanks for organizing!

Absolutely! My pleasure. Thank you for coming out to play.

This was fantastic. Thank you for organizing! And yes, here’s to scheming about future meetups!

Congrats on getting things to work! It’s great to read about this. I hope it can inspire other cities. The meeting in Chicago had a special guest back in September who helped us get together for the first tie in a while & it seems like LA can/should have a lot of people.

Also, I didn’t ever consider the reddit. I’ll go lurk there a bit. Not that I’m any good at redditing, but I’m glad the channel’s there.

Lurking is the gateway to not lurking.

Enjoy, enjoy, and very cool to hear things are happening across the country.

Hi, all,

Hoping to revive this thread about an IF group in LA. Feel free to email me directly – my username at gmail.

Howdy! There’s a meetup for LA IF, though it hasn’t met since last fall. Shall we knock the rust off?

Where in LA is close to you? … on-Meetup/

Let’s absolutely brush the dust off and come out to play. I’m happy to cede location to other people’s preferences.

Yes! Let us rejoin and rejoice! :smiley:

I’m on the West Side. On a school night I can range as far as El Segundo, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Park Mesa Heights. With proper planning I can get downtown, too.

What say y’all?