Any interest in a Los Angeles area meetup?

I live on the Westside and I’d love to see some faces!

Help me get over my meetup jealousy of NY, Baltimore, SF Bay, etc.

Who else is local and game to meet?

I’d be interested. I’m down near LAX. Might know a few others from USC…

That sounds awesome. LAX-area is good for spaces to meet, too, IMO. See if you can rustle up those USC people! It’ll be good to get together.

Anybody else here interested?

I would love to have an LA meet-up! I live in Atwater Village.

Excellent, awatt! If we have three, we have critical mass, heh heh. Are you willing to come down to the Westside? (To be fair, we should rotate location over time.) What August days/times work for you? (I assume weekend mornings are good general meeting times?)

Wide open for me:
Saturday Aug 15
Saturday Aug 22
Saturday Aug 29

Yeah, Westside is fine. All of those dates sound good to me.

Excellent! markcmarino?

Repinging! All these dates have gone by… but are the spirits still willing?


DELIGHT. Then let two be a quorum!

My fall schedule is kinda strange, but I’m available…

  • Wednes 9/23
  • Thurs 10/1
  • Sat 10/3

And I’ve mastered this thing called the Expo Line so I’m no longer afraid of evening traffic. Conceivably we could split the travel difference? Meet downtown?

Wednesday 9/23 or Thursday 10/1 would be best for me! Downtown sounds good – an evening meetup would mean light inbound traffic.

Let’s do 9/23 evening downtown! Keep our momentum. What time works for you? I’m wide open.

Next questions… where and what shall we do? I suppose it should be a foodplace for foodening, since it will be roughly foodhour. And a place we can hear each other talk. I’m not too familiar with downtown, but I can investigate. Do you have knowledge?

We’ll probably have much to discuss. If there’s new IF we’ve both played… or other key topics of interest… like maybe Her Story, Until Dawn, anything Telltale; comparing different IF tools (Twine, inkle, ChoiceScript); IndieCade coming up…

Semi-related: do you ever do Wednesday Wine & Twine? Online but LA-based thing put on by Lindsay Pavlas of MaximumFun podcast world: … 6015972352
They might be interested. I could tell them.

Roger that. 7:00? Could do later, though. I’m flexible. I’ve spent time downtown (work) but no obvious first-choice venue comes to mind – let me research a little.

I’m definitely down to talk tools, Telltale, and plenty of other IF I’ve played lately. I own Her Story and will try to play it in advance. Been dying to, but I’m contending with a feeble laptop right now.

I’m not familiar with WWT, but yeah, spread the word!

7 PM sounds excellent! You pick the venue and I’ll spread the word.

Three places from my research stick out. My basic criteria were group-friendliness, noise level, menu (variety and price), and linger-friendliness.

Pour Haus Wine Bar:
Takes reservations. Has but a wee menu. Week nights here are apparently not too busy, but the fact that there are very few tables might make us feel rushed.

Far Bar:
Has a proper menu, an appealing vibe, and both indoor/outdoor seating. Seems kinda dark, though. Seating might be a little cramped if more than four people show up.

The Stocking Frame:
Seems like a perfect place to have a beer/glass of wine and argue at the length the merits of telling players that Joe Blow “will remember that.” But NOT to have a meal. The food is tre expensive.

Obviously, parking is going to be irritating no matter what, but it’s mostly free after 8pm in DTLA, so nobody should have to pay through the nose.


INTRIGUING. This is good research.

The Far Bar sounds pretty good. Yelp indicates there’s a second sports bar side? Looks like there’s no football Wednesday night. Seems worth the experiment!

And walkable from the Expo Line, which is perfect for laziness levels.

Shall we do this thing? Is it PURE SCIENCE?

Can’t argue with science! Studies show that Wednesday’s LA IF meetup will take place at FAR BAR.

Reported, confirmed! I’ll spread the word (whatever meager way I can.) EXCITEMENT EXTREME.

Oh yeah! I’ll be the largeish blondish white woman in a purple Porpentine T-shirt.

Awesome. I’ll be the largeish brown-hairedish white man with crooked glasses in the…let’s go with Planet of the Apes tee, unless otherwise specified.