Answers for the action QUIT

The answer may be other than YES (Y) or NO (N). S or E are equivanlen to YES; there may be others.

Not in English. ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ would be equivalent to ‘Si’ and ‘No’ in Spanish, ‘Oui’ and ‘Non’ in French, ‘Ja’ and ‘Nein’ in German and so on.

What did you have in mind for ‘E’ being equivalent to ‘Yes’?

Would you like to forfeit the game?
You have quit the game.

I was pointing out a potential problem, but I didn’t, as I often do, have to be very clear.

I see what you mean. I misunderstood your original query. Maybe it understands any of the letters in the word ‘yes’.

Yes, that’s exactly how it works, but maybe I should force more specificity for confirmation questions.

I think it should understand Y or YES, not E or S. Similarly, N or NO, but not O.

In beta 66d you need to type Y or YE, or YES, or N, or NO (answer must start with text). This only applies to yes / no type choices, other choices will still use unique substring matches (a substring is present in the choice such that one option only can be implied).