Another storylet system for Twine

I’m yet another sporadic Twine hobbyist – across multiple projects, I found myself writing ad-hoc code to tie passages with some world data written in plain JavaScript. I finally decided to try and wrap that up in a single API for creating parameterized storylets. The idea is to have some passages that can have different data slotted into them (e.g. characters for a dialog sequence) and become available under different conditions (you can only talk to characters who are in the same location), and then query the system and offer only the passage-character combinations that are currently valid.

It’s very much a work in progress, but it’s probably at a good point to share here and see if anyone else might find it useful:


Oh, very nice! I had some vague ideas about how to squish parameterized storylets into TinyQBN but was never ambitious enough to actually sit down and try to code it…