Another Parchment question

I’d like to be able to save files containing specific information about the state of the game world to the server holding my Parchment game, and then loading those same files in a different game entirely. It’s for a hybrid webcomic/text adventure, where a short IF game is released each time I update which continues the story. I’d like to be able to carry over the player’s inventory and the states of certain things between games (so we don’t have items randomly moving around and the inventory getting changed each time, etc).


(I do have FTP access to the server and know PHP quite well.)

Not yet possible. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

k so another question. I’d like to be able to automatically run a command, as if the player had typed it and pressed enter. This MUST be done through JavaScript, because it involved data external to the game itself (from a PHP script). Anyone know how to do this? I’m not afraid to engage in hackjobbery, but don’t really see like how to even go about starting this…

You could do that by listening for when the input is focused:

jquery('body').delegate('.LineInput input', 'focus', function() { jquery(this).val('COMMAND'); jquery('.LineInput').submit(); });

That should work I think.