Another Infocom bugs list update

There’s been another update to my list of Infocom bugs.
I’ve added new bugs for Deadline, Infidel, Sorcerer, Suspect, Zork I, Zork II, and nearly doubled the number of bugs from The Witness.
I continue to thank Fredrik Ramsberg for hosting the list. A big thank you to the very generous Allen Garvin, and special thanks is in order for Kevin Savetz of the Eaten By A Grue podcast. Thanks to Kevin, for the first time every one of my lists has more bugs than the corresponding list of Graeme Cree.
As always, I’m hoping anyone who’s still interested will send me their bug reports.
I’d especially like to know about any fatal bugs (that crash or lock up the game) in Border Zone, Hollywood Hijinx, Lurking Horror, Nord & Bert, Stationfall, Trinity, Wishbringer, or Witness.
I’m also looking for body parts bugs (that destroy or detach a body part) in Hollywood Hijinx, Nord & Bert, Sorcerer, or Stationfall.
I never add a bug to the list until I’ve verified it myself, so some complex ones take a while to be added. Right now I have 6 still to verify.
I deeply care for these games. Finding their flaws is a labor of love; I’m grateful for any help.

One of my favorite new ones: You can crash Seastalker by typing GET BED AND MY in the opening room. That’s really weird.

Excellent! I always enjoy reading the bugs lists.

So is your bug list include all the ones from the Cree list?

No. Our lists are complementary. I link to all of his.