Another IFWiki Question!

I’m trying to edit the Links section of my IFWiki entry, but am getting a weird CAPTCHA error, can anyone kindly advise what i’m doing wrong please?



Mediawiki shows a captcha when a newly registered user adds an external link. I’d say the wiki is a bit outdated on captcha APIs. Just don’t add any urls for now.

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Ah, ok, thanks! I’ll give it a month or so and try again, no immediate rush.



You become an autoconfirmed user when you make ? edits and your account is ? seconds old (config values are not public). It’s not a month. And I see you should already be in “trusted users” group.


It was odd. I tried it a couple of times, I’ll try again tomorrow. I just want to add updated links for all the ZIL support stuff we have now.