Another IF creation tool without programming

Hi there,

I created a little website to create IF, still under development but functional :slight_smile: I started it to learn a new PHP framework, so I’m really having fun making it!
If you are interested, take a look at It is in French by default but you can switch the interface to English.
You can then create an account, log in with Google or just play the tutorial story anonymously if you just want to test (I will translate it soon) :slight_smile:

Once connected you will be able to play stories of course, but for the moment there are only 1 of them (in French) :wink: But you will be able to CREATE your own stories too, and that’s the best part of it :wink: With prerequisites, objects, character sheet, and much more! Discover this by creating your own story! :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to have a look and leave a comment on the dedicated Discord server if you encounter any bug, have a suggestion or… anything else :wink:


A big thanks to all the courageous english-speaking beta testers! A few fixes have been made:

  • changing language on login screen didn’t work
  • stories are now filtered with your selected language, but you can view stories in other languages too (if any)
  • translated story genres + added 3 new ones

Other bugs/requests will take longer:

  • translate the tutorial story
  • edit items
  • show embranchment only if the player does NOT have a given item
  • translate help

As I promised in my previous comment I have updated the site with:

  • the tutorial is now in english too
  • items can be edited
  • help popup is entirely translated to english

A big work has been done to clean the code of some old things, so if you experience any problem don’t hesitate to ping me on the Discord server :wink:

Hello, I have tried your site and I like the idea and simplicity. I don’t want to start programming so this is exactely what I need !

PS: sorry for my bad english

A LOT of things have been added since I first wrote here :slight_smile: Here are the main things:

  • every published story can be played as guest
  • characters can be renamed by the player if the author allows it
  • added Successes. For the moment only two exist, but more will be added soon
  • characteristics in the character sheet now have a default value given by the author
  • you can now use variables to alter the text of your story or the prerequisites needed to enter a page

And of course:

  • nearly a hundred bugs have been fixed
  • numerous UX changes and ergonomic adjustments have been made from comments and reports