Another GameJam Idea

So after reading about @Ruber Eaglenest’s idea about an ephemeral game jam (and reading way too many XYZZYNews back issues and RAIF posts), I somehow came up with this idea.
Throughout the history of computer software, there has been vaporware–software announced before its release date, but were never actually released. Naturally, interactive fiction has its fair share of vaporware–and I’m not talking about Jesse McGrew (who, strangely enough, has never published any vaporware.) Also, you have ideas and what not posted to the newsgroups that never went anywhere, but I digress.
I was considering running a game jam, in which everyone selects a piece of vaporware (or an unused idea) from the history of IF. (A good place to look is in XYZZYNews or the 26 years of Rec.Arts|Games.Int-Fiction.)
Since many of these vaporware games were originally huge endeavors, it wouldn’t make sense to try to complete them (which would result in the longest game jam in history). Rather, entrants would simply create a game based on or inspired by said idea (a little like Bring Out Your Dead, but none of these games ever existed.)

If enough people are interested, I could organize this jam (most likely through It may be a good idea to run this some time in January, with the holidays approaching and all that fun stuff.

I think “publishing vaporware” is probably an oxymoron. :slight_smile:

You can publicize vaporware, but once you publish vaporware it condenses into a puddle.

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That was the point :smiley:. Since vaporware is vaporware, he can’t publish vaporware (or even publicize it.)

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He must be steamed about that!

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Wow :smiley: