Another Betatester Request

I am looking for one or two betatesters for my game that is due by Sunday. I wish I could say that it’s short and there’s very little reading involved, but that would be a terrible lie. It’s a parser-driven affair (glulx), though I wouldn’t consider the puzzles very difficult.

Feel free to PM me! :smiley: I’d also be happy to swap with a fellow procrastinator who finds themselves with a little extra time.

Hi all. I’d love a tester or two for a public release for my game. I think it’s in pretty good shape, which means you might need to dig deep for bugs. It also hasn’t gotten any shorter. Sorry.

PM me! Thanks!

Hey - do you need it by a certain date?

April 1st with room to make any changes, so there’s a little time. Thank you for your interest!