another anchorhead help thread.

All right, this board doesn’t seem that active, so I doubt I’ll get a reply, but here goes:

In the game “Anchorhead” I think I’ve came across a bug or something stopping my progress. In the second day, after doing all the random tasks in the house and town, and getting the copper key from the hobo, when I go back to the house I get the “Michael doesn’t reply/must be alone” message, but when I go up to his study, I still get the “Better not disturb him” message. I’ve even started the game over (more than once) and the same thing happens. Any help?

That’s one I never played.

I think you may have got stuck in the same way I did. If I remember correctly (it’s been a long time since I played Anchorhead), there’s a pretty trivial action you have to take early on in the chapter, and if you don’t you’re stuck. At least, I never found a way around it.

At the beginning of the day, while Michael is in the bathroom, did you

search his clothes

and take his library card?

Yeah, and I’m pretty sure I did everything because the second time through I was using a walkthrough to see if I might have missed something vital to see if that was the issue. I even downloaded the file through a different site to see if the problem would reoccur, and it did. It turns out you can just go to sleep at that point and search his computer in the morning, but I haven’t progressed much since then, so I don’t know if that’ll have any consequences later on.

well, I did search his wallet and take out his id card, but then put it back in and put it away because there was no reason to steal from Michael at that point. He’s the characters husband for crying out loud. So, I did get past the point commented on above, michael is gone but now I cannot go into the library and look up the book. am I just screwed and need to restart, or is there a way past this?

According to an old r.g.i-f message, you don’t need the ID card. It makes it easier to get certain information, but you can apparently get this information other ways. I don’t know how, though. It’s been a long time since I played Anchorhead, and when I got stuck wanting the book, I just restarted.

Interesting; I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this bug.

Did you pick up the newspaper?

When you go to the study, do you type OPEN DOORS first, or just E? (My memory of the code is pretty spotty, but if there is a bug that’s one place it could be.)

You don’t need the book from the university library to clear the second day – you should read it eventually, but you get another chance to get the faculty card on the third day. All the information needed to clear the second day is hidden around the mansion. To be more specific…

You can find a journal in the velvet lining in the china cupboard in the dining room, newspaper clippings in the cellar in the room with the crates and boxes – you need to find these to get the iron key you need to proceed, but be sure to take the time to actually read them – and some wet pages hidden in a hole behind the bed in the children’s room – you need to push it to find the hole. This will give you everything you’ll need for now.

As for the bug the original poster mentioned… not sure what could have caused it. I didn’t encounter it myself. As someone suggested… are you sure you actually picked up the newspaper?