Announcing the World's Largest & Richest Computer Game

On April 5,2017 the World’s Largest and Richest Computer Game Begins

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This costs $10 to enter, but the grand prize only pays out $1 per entry.

This makes for some pretty terrible odds.

Evidently you didn’t read the contest rules very carefully.

from the contest rules page:

The grand prize is based on $1.00 per entry.
If 1,000,000 people enter then the prize is $1,000,000, 5,000,000 enter then the prize is $5,000,000 etc.

Putting on my moderator hat, please refrain from this kind of personal insult.

Taking off my moderator hat, I think that’s what he said–the payout is $1 for everyone who enters the contest.

That’s a flat 10% expected rate of return (before taxes), significantly worse than what you’d get playing the lottery.

Now, if playing the game itself is worth $10, and you also get the possibility of a cash prize, that’s fine… but it has to be a good game.