Announcing the Love/Violence Jam!

I’m happy to announce that I’m hosting my first-ever game jam, the Love/Violence Jam!

The Love/Violence jam is all about messy feelings and messy actions. Tell a story about love and violence, one as a metaphor for the other, one masquerading as the other, or some less-defined relationship between the two.

The jam will run for the month of June. It’s unranked, but I will make an effort to review submissions on IFDB. If you’ve submitted to one of the Neo-Interactive jams before, the rules are mostly modelled off of theirs, so you basically already know what you’re getting into.

As I mentioned before, this is my first time running a jam, so if there’s anything missing from the page that should be there, or any questions you have, please let me know!


Looking forward to this!! Thanks for organizing :blush:
I have an idea for a small Locus Jam game that I’m not sure I can finish in time; but it just happens to fit the love/violence/consumption/possession/liberation themes, so I might submit it to this jam instead!


Looking forward to playing through some of the entries for this, the theme sounds right up my alley.


Wow, this sounds super fun. Just up my alley. Will be joining! :heart:


Neo-Twiny/Anti-Romance/Bluebeard/Love-Violence entry here I come!


Super excited for this!! In love with this concept and can’t wait to dig into all the entries (and hopefully stitch something of my own up).

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