Announcing THAUMISTRY: In Charm's Way. TADS3, from Bob Bates

I am Oh So Happy to announce that the website for my new game has just gone live.

My journey back to text adventures has been a long one (I first started learning TADS in 2005), and probably not of much interest to most folks here. But I need to thank the denizens of the TADS2 and TADS3 forum for their invaluable help over the years.

I’ll be doing a Kickstarter in late January to help fund ports that I’m not capable of making and hopefully to add music to the game.

The target release date is July.

Wish me luck!

–Bob Bates

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This sounds very cool. Good luck!

I might humbly suggest that here is where you’ll find the most people interested in that sort of talk!

I would definitely read that blog!

Agree! Plus the game sounds really interesting. I’ll definitely check out the kickstarter once it begins.

High percentage, but low total numbers. This is a pretty tiny forum.

When the project gets to the point of porting to iOS, I hope my IF framework turns out to be useful.

Kickstarter is live. … xt-adventu