Announcing Spring Thing 2013! (& seeking 2014 organizer-

I’m surprised no one has responded to this. First of all thanks Greg for putting Spring Thing together for the last 8 (!) years, I’ve always liked the spirit and intent of this compo.

So, has anyone contacted Greg about taking this on? What are people’s thoughts on Spring Thing?

I think Spring Thing is great, and thank you to Greg for keeping it going for the past eight years! Special praise for keeping on after the year when there were no entries, when it would have been easy to give it up.

It would be great if somebody else were to take up the mantle and keep Spring Thing going. (I think this may be why no one else has responded, because this probably makes me sound kind of like a jerk.)

Today, I wrote Greg to offer to organize next year’s Spring Thing. I don’t know if anyone else did.

Yaaaay Dan! +1 gratitude!

Good going Dan! I would have offered myself but I know my strengths and organising things isn’t one of them.

Thanks Dan!

I might enter this. I sort of just started a game and don’t think I’ll have it completed by October!

Echo-- Thanks Dan.

The acoustics of the room change subtly.