Announcing Spring Thing 2012

The Spring Thing 2012 site is up and running:

The competition last spring was a definite success, and I’m definitely running it again next spring. Sorry I’m a little later than usual in making the announcement this year.

I have some good news to announce: there is already up to $900[*] for the prize pool this year!

The donors are:
$200-$700[*], donated by Kate McKee
$100, donated by Wayne Miller
$100, donated by Greg Boettcher

[*] Kate McKee’s donation is “$100.00 US, plus an additional $100 per entrant, up to a maximum of $700.” She is willing to donate a very generous amount, but only if it helps encourage a good number of high-quality games. Let’s hope her donation, as well as Wayne’s and my donation, encourage people to enter the competition.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Spring Thing is the other annual competition for interactive fiction games. It happens every spring. To find more about it, go to the following link. If you’re interested in entering the competition, click on “Rules.”

Thanks again to last year’s donors, judges, entrants, and others who participated last year to make last year’s event a success. We had 6 entrants and over $1000 in prizes.

For more information, you can email me at:

greg AT springthing DOT X, where X = net

Excellent. I’ve always liked the Spring Thing: the average quality of the games is usually high and the number of entries low enough that I can play them all without being overwhelmed.

Sounds awesome. Makes me want to enter with the game I’m working on at the moment [emote]:)[/emote].

one thing I did notice on the site though was this.

“you should then send a non-refundable entry fee of $7 US to the prize pool.”

There will be several prizes, including the cash taken from the pool of entry fees.

is that because the entry fees will be spread out amongst winners?

For a little feedback, in the future as the competition grows I would change this

“please email me and I’ll put you down on the list. I’ll have you hold your prize until the competition is over, then mail the prize directly to the author who chooses it.”

reason being as it grows, and more people get involved there may be better chances of a donator not pulling through, or even now. It would be heart breaking for a winner not to get their prize because someone didn’t send it, lol…

maybe take some of the money from fees, and what not to handle shipping, say nothing over a pound. Another alternative would be no non cash prizes over 5-10 dollars, send item with money order to cover shipping. If they decide to spend more on the prize it’s up to them, but must still include sufficient shipping. That way you’re in control of prizes, and know exactly what there is to give, and offer.

There are… several points of contention with this post.

Is the competition still happening? I’ve sent Greg a couple of emails with my intent to enter but haven’t gotten a response yet, and I’m starting to wonder what’s going on because the deadline is in a couple of days…

Don’t worry… He’ll answer you at some point… I’ve had the same “problem” but he has always replied.

He sometimes takes a few days to respond, but I’m pretty sure the contest is still happening, because he sent me an email confirming that he had received my $7 check.

Ok, thanks for the heads up guys. I can sometimes get a little impatient when I’m really excited about something. [emote]:D[/emote]

My debating with myself over if the current game I’m doing should be entered and for some reason assuming the intent deadline was the 15th has ensured someone else will have to take last place this year. [emote]:lol:[/emote]

I look forward to playing this years entries though!

Well, I sent Greg a couple of emails now all prior to the deadline, and have still had no response, so I have no idea if I’m in or not. I’m going to keep plugging away at the game under the assumption that I’m in the comp, and if I don’t hear anything back in the next week or so, I guess it’s safe to assume at that point that either he’s just that swamped that he didn’t get a chance to respond, or my emails mysteriously disappeared into the ether.

Yeah, don’t worry about it man. He handled things very nicely last year and I wouldn’t think he’ll drop the ball this year.

Cool. Hopefully it’s just him being busy and not my emails being stopped by a spam filter. [emote]:)[/emote]