Announce: "maybe make some change"

Presumably some people saw either my write-up or Emily’s write-up syndicated on Planet IF, but somehow it doesn’t feel like something’s released until I’ve officially announced it somewhere IF-y. So:

My new interactive story maybe make some change is now available in both web-based and Glulx forms. The latter version might be a useful modern stress test for Glulx interpreter authors, since it uses most of the tricks in the book, including multiple sound channels.

(Speaking of which: does anyone know what’s up with the sound in Windows Gargoyle? It sounds tinny and compressed compared to Spatterlight. I saw a post suggesting this might be a result of playing sounds with different sampling rates at the same time, but all the sounds are OGG files with an identical 44.1kHz rate.)

Anything that is not 16 bit stereo 44.1 KHz has to go through the conversion path, which hurts audio quality.

I’m pretty sure they are 16-bit and 44.1 KHz… it’s possible they’re not stereo, I don’t remember off-hand but I can check.