[Announce] Augmented Fourth, Release 3

WANTED: Amateur musicians to serve the Royal Court. Must provide own instrument and be inured to copious constructive criticism. Impress your friends! Meet the King! Apply in person at the Castle, located on the south side of the volcano in sunny Central Papoosen.

Download the .z8 Story File
Download the Source Code
Download the Map & Walkthrough

Release 3 (July 2, 2013) is a bug-fix / source code clean-up release. If you have played it before, there’s nothing different enough to warrant another playthrough besides nostalgia.

Fixed various bugs related to the “Lively Jig” sheet music.
Fixed descriptive text related to the gender of the duck and Madame Fou-llama.
Added synonyms for various scenery and inventory objects.
Added a few more gentle hints to the Silver Key puzzle.
Added a gentle hint to the Bank puzzle.
Cleaned up source code formatting.

Thank you for all of the positive feedback and reviews over the past thirteen years!

Here’s to the continued improvement of a high quality, highly enjoyable work!

Sounds like a good reason to me!