[ANN] Sand-dancer v5

I’ve just created a new release of Sand-dancer for Dialog.

It’s is playable on the web and can also be downloaded separately.

Source code is on GitHub:

This is a re-implementation of Aaron Reed’s Sand-dancer game in Dialog, the subject of his excellent book Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform7.

This is a medium sized project, coming in at about 5K lines of code, compiling to 210K of z-machine bytecode.

New in this release:

  • When brooding about an object, name the memory with “your”
  • Remove the fragments of glass object from crumbling concrete
  • Lots more hints about breaking the pane of glass
  • Provide a hint about consulting when you read the guidebook
  • Fix bug in tune radio
  • Model the dial on the radio, and redirect turn dial to tune radio
  • Electrical panel is now modeled, redirect switch on/off to the emergency lights
  • Add cover art
  • You can now light webs or burn webs (but still need courage)
  • Prevent player from tuning or switching off radio while talking with voice
  • Prevent player from wandering into desert the first time before being ready
  • Prevent player from returning to desert until temptation scene
  • Prevent player from returning to desert after coyotes offer
  • Before entering desert, turn on the flashlight if held
  • Prevent entering the desert during the rainstorm scene
  • Add “coyotes” as synonym of “coyote” in the guide book
  • Add open <object> with <object> as a synonym of unlock <object> with <object>
  • Automatically open the photo (if nearby) after retrieving four memories, if it was previously examined
  • Need to open photo before Sand-dancer’s arrival can trigger
  • Better flavor text moving between rooms during Sand-dancer’s arrival
  • You can now omit the khz suffix when tuning the radio, e.g., tune radio to 104.3

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