[ANN] Sand-dancer (Dialog) v4

I’ve just created a new release of Sand-dancer for Dialog.

It’s is playable on the web and can also be downloaded separately.

Source code is on GitHub:

This is a re-implementation of Aaron Reed’s Sand-dancer game in Dialog, the subject of his excellent book Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform7.

This is a medium sized project, coming in at about 5K lines of code, compiling to 210K of z-machine bytecode.

New in this release:

  • Add a custom beat for Sand-Dancer
  • Say “the memory of” when narrating a trade
  • Add a custom beat for coyote
  • Add description of tower
  • Prevent disambiguation about tower in Base of Tower room
  • Door now exists on both sides
  • Don’t use the Rabbit’s beat with other characters
  • ‘light lighter’ now does something
  • Don’t reveal truck’s damage until examined

This version also uses the new version 5 threaded conversation.

There’s always more polishing to do, but at this point, some of the changes suggested by players involves moving slightly beyond the plot as defined by the canonical Inform 7 version of the game.


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