Andromeda Legacy Comp... Again?!

I don’t intend to start another ALC, just to let you know.
But: somebody expressed their appetite for more Andromeda Comps via mail (thank you, Constant Reader!).

Only the dumbest never change their mind, so: here’s your poll. Use it wisely.

Thanks a lot.

Well, your Andromeda mythos seems to have sparked something very interesting and creative in the community. I mean, it doesn’t have to always be a comp, but it’s fertile ground that probably has a lot to be explored. I don’t think it’s gotten to the point where people are sick of it and it’s been over-planted and over-harvested, so even though I’m not an author, and even though - to be honest - the Andromeda universe doesn’t tickle my fancy the same way it does others, I would love to see it continue to grow and expand. It’s been quality stuff so far, and I see no reason for that to change.

I’m not sure whether the momentum is there, but if it is, I think another Andromeda Comp would be a good thing.

The opportunity of being allowed to pick a moment from a vast, unexplored fictional timeline is extremely enticing. If all the Intfiction groupies thought like me, they would have all entered the Andromeda Comp even if they weren’t hardcore sci-fi fans, because that opportunity is so rare and so powerful. But not everyone thinks like me.

I can’t write another game, because I suck at getting things done, and I’m still telling myself that I’m going to re-write Tree and Star. I could judge and review again, as I did last year.

As the original author and gatekeeper of the Andromeda universe, you have to decide whether or not to end it. There probably comes a place in any franchise where keeping the it going only diminishes the strength of the mythos. I don’t think Andromeda would normally be anywhere close to that point, but if nobody has time to write innovative Andromeda games and to critique them, maybe we are at that point. Token comp entries from loyal fans might keep the franchise alive but probably wouldn’t add much to the mythos.

Sounds interesting… i’m not familiar with the previous comps, could someone please post some links to reference for those of us who need to catch up?

Here’s the original announcement - and the results.
2013 version - and results.

Well, thanks. You beat me by seconds.

It’s a very cool idea, and I love to see more sci-fi IF being release. Is there a wiki or bible on the setting and the additions made by the various games to avoid breaking continuity?

In the older annoucements there is all the information I gathered. It lacks the content of both games from last year (Ascending and Genesis) but both are short enough to play.
In case i will be running another comp, I will add those bits.

Late reply here–my ALC entry may be on for spring thing, per our discussions, but if not, it would be cool to have a couple months extra to release it for a comp. The ideas have been snowballing but I’ve still got to update my past 3 IFComp/Spring Thing games.

Per se, I’m totally in favour of more of these comps. But I wouldn’t mind not having to judge the games this year [emote]:)[/emote]

Sounds like ASchultz already has an Andromeda game in the pipeline, meaning we’ll probably get a fix this year in any case.

I’d like to do one off my own back but that’s at the very least 2 IF games away for me, and most likely 3.