Andromeda Dreaming Post-Comp Release

Version 2 of Andromeda Dreaming has now been released.

It’s a space operetta: expect lucid dreams, opaque conversations and lots of plot twists. It’s a sort of concurrent sequel to Andromeda Awakening. Kudos goes to Marco Innocenti for organising the comp, writing the progenitor work and providing the awesome cover art. You should also play Tree and Star!

[size=85](This sets a new personal record for quickest post-comp release, besting The Chinese Room by five years and counting.)[/size]

And Calm by about a month!

Actually, wasn’t Calm updated mid-IFComp? I’m not sure if that counts or not. Still, yeah, nice quick work! An example to us all.

Oh, and The Chinese Room is worth playing, too, for those who haven’t. Postcomp release or no.

Well, there was about a month and a half between the comp ending and the postcomp release of Calm. Also, a lot of players did pick out a good deal of issues with Calm, so I’m assuming that Joey and Melvin decided to rework the game and then release the post comp version.

Usually, immediate a post comp release means there were some problems with the original, so I take it Andromeda Dreaming had such problems and that the fixes were quick and easy.

Also, The Chinese Room didn’t really have a major problems so that’s probably why there’s been no post comp release. It is indeed definitely worth playing.