Andromeda Awakening - Final Cut

I need help. I’m at the point where I see the hyeretrope. I’ve not yet been able to go to the Pillar Section or the Featureless Corridor. My inventory:

I’ve applied the Elektron to the door but don’t know what to do next. PUSH CLIFF doesn’t work.


The command that you mention doesn’t work? That’s curious. Are you sure you’re trying in the correct location?

Meaning, the Cave Mouth?

Doesn’t work - either I’m not ready for it yet, or the game is different. Did you play “The Final Cut” or an earlier version? The author did say he made some changes in the final cut based on feedback, and that command/puzzle was one many complained about.

I think what you want to do is:

Investigate the quartz in the Hollow Grounds.

In The Final Cut you don’t have to push the cliff anymore.

Really? I played it the other day, and I had to. Unless it would have fallen anyway if I had waited around long enough?..

Ah. just replayed. Yep, that is the case.


If the cliff already fell, you should be able to reach across the magma now. An item you’ll find there will help you progress.

But do what Joey suggested as well.

That was the second most unfair puzzle in human history. :slight_smile: