Andromeda Apocalypse [Beta Test]

I would need some testing for the latest release of Apocalypse.

I need the last part of the game to be put under stress.
Anyone willing to help?

PM me or write at minnocenti(at)kidstudio(dot)it.

What’s new in this version:

• 9 new achievements
• The achievements are now stored to a file
• Better hints for the endgame sequence
• The game’s map (in your game’s package!)
• A new section of the ship is now reachable and…
• …Finally, by popular demand, an alternate ending with the solution to a previously impossibile quest.

The game provides a special command to reach the endgame without having to run through it all again.

If the previously impossible quest is what I think it is, I will welcome it… although there was a certain narrative efficiency in keeping it impossible. Especially when you tried to do it anyway, already knowing it wouldn’t be possible, being under a time limit, but still wanting to try.

Ofc I don’t want to spoil too much but… it is an alternate ending. And what you may have tried in the Comp version will lead you to nothing. It is a lil bit underclued. I bet only the testers and the most stubborn players will get it.

Oh. Then it probably isn’t what I think it is. :wink: I’ll wait and see.

Bump, people. :slight_smile: