Android app Thunderword by Wake Reality

Wow! I downloaded and sideloaded. This is great. Look forward to spend some more time with this. Thanx!

Is Thunderword open source? There are some github repositories that seem evocative, but none of them appear to be actually the thing.

No, the main Android Thunderword is not open source right now. As it is mostly being developed for some new IF stories that are being authored and it has a lot of unnecessary layers in it that need to organize/split. A lot of the reason so much work has been put into making multiple apps work together is to get a sense of what fits where. And some pretty big rewrites are underway :wink:

Incant! is entirely open source with dual licensing and all the new code for navigating and downloading IF stories are in that. It can run ZMachine and Glulx stories - and has features like sound support that Thunderword does not yet have.

If there are specific aspects of Thunderword you want open source, speak up. You are the first to inqiuire.