Andrew Plotkin


I’ve been playing Hadean Lands. So? Well, as per my last post (from 17 years ago) I don’t really play IF.

However when I saw Hadean Lands in the app store, I thought - wow, a chance to actually financially support IF, count me in! So I bought it, fired it up played around for a few minutes (unsuccessfully performing my first ritual), then went to bed. Later the next evening I fired it back up for another 20 minute session and got stuck shortly after the first room. I went and had dinner with my wife. Now typically, this could be it for me. However the next day I was still thinking about where I was stuck and then that evening, I had a 3 hour session with it. Now it’s every day.

I know there’s lots of great IF out there, old and new and I’ve been following the genre for a very long time, but you actually got me playing - thank you :slight_smile:


Where’s the “like” button on this thing?

You’re welcome.