Andelmans' Yard by Arlan Wetherminster

Hi. I’m releasing my new story outside of a competition so I thought I would announce it all nice and proper like.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s a story about a boyscout looking for a lost cat but things get weird from that point.

I had great playtesters but any mistakes you encounter are solely my fault.

IFDB page


When you announced this on Facebook and called it a “new story”, I presumed it was a narrative-heavy game, probably choice-based, and ignored it. I now see that it’s actually a parser-based game that sounds quite intriguing.

I did strike an issue on the second move, which I’ll mention here (in case you do an update later), as it might take a while until I get around to playing it.

>x cat
Ever evasive, Peanut is an easy-to-spot, impossible-to-grab white cat with a collar on which hangs an ever-taunting jingling bell.

Peanut licks her fur.

>get her
I'm not sure what 'her' refers to.

>get it
I'm not sure what 'it' refers to.

>get him
Peanut is just out of reach behind the rusty grating.

It looks like you forgot to tell Inform that the cat is female, so it presumes male by default.

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Thank you for this. I appreciate it. Duly noted.

I went back-and-forth with the gender of the cat so I probably missed it a few places.


This happens to me a lot. Had a character named “Dave”, but apparently I had called him “Dan” half the time without realizing. My test reader was very confused.

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