Anchorhead, very ending hint needed

I’m almost there. It just looks I’m missing the right idea, here:

At the very end, under the Obelisk, I have Michael’s hands around my throat. I show him the ring and he lets go of the grip (somewhat), but then nothing helps. The amulet is ignored and playing the flute condemns me to an eternity of pain. What am I missing here?

Thanks for the help.

Your instincts are right.

What are you doing with the amulet? To protect Michael, think of what Edward’s mother asked him to promise to do with the amulet in the damp pages.

Explicit answer:

You need to put the amulet on him – not show it to him, or wear it yourself

With the flute, forewarned is forearmed…

Explicit answer:

I think you might need to try playing the flute in the cave before the final scene. Then you can find a way to avoid being sucked in. (For a laugh, try standing on the altar and blowing the flute. Save first.)

Ouch! I thought I tried it, but I didn’t. The fact is I kept wondering if I left something vital somewhere, due to the restricted inventory…

Thx for the help!