Anchorhead Hint

This is my first dive into interactive fiction and I am really enjoying the new version of Anchorhead so far but I am stuck and need some sort of hint as previous walkthroughs don’t help too much.

I have found the safe in the house and am looking for the right combination. I currently assume it has to do with the numbers of hands and eyes on Michael’s laptop but I could be wrong. If I am on the right track but am just missing something obvious I’d like the right combination but if I am off here and need to find the journal present in the original version (but seemingly absent in its old location in the new version) with the combination in it, some mild hint would be appreciated!


Also as a side note, there was a point where I got trapped in the game in the sewer system as I entered via the alley onto the beach and into the pipes. I landed in the room with the key down there but then my path back was blocked as was the manhole cover, which I had not opened at that point in the game. There didn’t seem to be a way out again as a grate blocked the path I came from. Not sure if the game was meant to be able to game over in this fashion or if I missed something, just thought I’d throw it out there.

Re the safe, you’re on the right track.

The sewer thing you mentioned sounds like a glitch to me (I don’t think the grating should be passable yet based on where you seem to be in the game) but there are definitely non-glitch places where you can get stuck – keep different save slots!

Hi Shorets you’re on the right lines with the safe clue. Hint: think fingers!

I also had a problem with the game letting me get in there early. I think it is a bug. I submitted a report to Mike Gentry.