Anchorhead 2018 edition - looking for an alternative solution

I’m playing the 2018-Steam version.
I’m stuck on 3rd day because

I’ve forgotten to take the steel key in the furnace, now I can’t enter in the church anymore due to the new padlock so I can’t open the drawer in the real estate office.
Reading the desk description, it seems to me that there is an other way to open the drawer, probably picking it with some object very thin but I don’t find anything similar to needle or picklock.
Is there a way to pick the drawer or I must replay a big portion of the game to take the steel key in the furnace?

Thanks for help


Welcome fosforo. I played last year Anchorhead colaborative mode in internet. I wonder if 2018 version is proud to be played afterwards.
It seems to be possible. I think you could contact Michael Gentry as this is a buyed game and he is often online.

I predict that you’ll have to replay. (It might be faster to replay than it would be to email the author.)

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I replayed Anchorhead earlier this year and spent some time trying to figure that out. Tantalizing hint aside, I’m not convinced that there actually is a way to pick that lock.

If you’re going to be replaying so you can go back to the church, note that there’s another item in the church you need to finish the game: the robe.

I’ve played the original game many many years ago, without finishing. From what I can remember (not too much indeed) and from what I read here and there, this 2018 version has some different/new puzzles, interesting pictures and is more straightforward. I’ll try contacting the author, thanks.

if the other item is the

I’ve taken it, thanks.
Anyway, considering the desk description it would be misleading/frustrating if there is no alternative solution for the drawer but after 2 hours of attempts I’m also quite convinced.

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Re-starting Anchorhead (or going back to an earlier save) is kind of a rite of passage, I think. It’s definitely not a forgiving game.


Probably you’re right, but I’m still hopeful because I’ve noticed that other puzzles in the game have two alternative solutions, maybe this also has an other solution that prevents the player from being stucked.

Yes I know that the practice of re-start is the price to pay in Anchoread, but considering that the 2018 version is more straightforward and refined, I hope that there are less situations in which the player gets stuck and I’m very interested to find out alternatives and to list all dead-ends.

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Just looked back at the folder full of save files in my Anchorhead/ folder on my hard drive. It has 42 save files, not counting those in four different folders with names like “bad 3rd day, second time”.


Finally with the help of a Steam user I can confirm that there’s an alternative solution.
The drawer is pickable using the needle found in the asylum; I’ve supposed that I have to open the drawer in the 3rd day, instead it can be opened in the 4th day too so It’s possibile to visit the asylum before and grab the needle