An Open Letter to the IF Community

I want to apologize for always coming off as an a-hole, first of all. I’m passionate about IF but of course I’ve been told, “Relax, it’s just IF.” and that’s true. But (and here’s my quick sob story) I’m someone who actually lost every single thing. I mean every single thing. I know I’m not the only one here who had to go through such a thing, I know I’m not alone in suffering. But, that along with being generally unstable makes me an angry man at times.
Things are better for me now than ever (knock on wood) but I want to take the time to apologize to those I feel I snapped at, or jumped at, or insulted needlessly, or what-have-you.

Sorry to zarf and Juhana for calling them elitist. It was wrong. It’s just that Matt Goh is a young newcomer to the scene and he’s like a little brother to me and I felt he got some flack for his post. It was probably all my perception.

Sorry to the Twine community. As I said, Twine is fine. It’s a perfectly legit form of IF.

Sorry to anyone I missed in my haste to write this.

Please don’t take my behavior as a reflection of IFography magazine. Most of that content is put together by the good people of the writing group to which I belong. They call me editor, but I just sorta wrangle the troops come go-time.

I know, this is weird. I’m a weird guy. But I love IF. I love that there’s a community for it. I get overzealous in this excitement for it, and, like I do in real life a lot, I screw up. I apologize to the community as a whole for being a hole.

I may not check the replies to this for awhile as I will give the forum a much needed break from my opinions.

Thanks for reading this.

Hey, thanks for clarifying. I have been that jerk at other times and in other places (and, uh, possibly here), so I get where you’re coming from. I appreciate the apology and am sorry for using my first post to jump on you with both feet.

I hope things continue to look up for you!

Thanks for posting. For my part, you’re cool.

Thank you, Marshall. I hate to see you guys fighting over stuff.

Thank you for posting this. Don’t worry, once in a while, all of us are bound to enter into that dissatisfied area and we will be put into a situation where we can’t hold things together another and have to voice out our opinions. Hope you can piece yourself together again! :slight_smile:

I don’t think youve done anything which needs apologising for.