An internal error has occurred

I wonder if anyone can help me out here. I just tried compiling a project with a single room and… well, a lot of code stashed away in an extension of mine. It’s basically an extension where I keep things that I’d like to be present in every project I may work on, such as the inclusion of Numbered Disambiguation. Things is, it’s also got a lot of code of my own. I didn’t think it was anything much, but today for the first time I tried compiling a single room with my extension (which includes a LOT of extensions) and I got this error.

Yeah, I know. Lots of extensions. They seem to work together well - apart from having had to modify a bit of wording in “Modified Exits” to work with “Implicit Actions”.

I tried commenting out several parts of my extension, to figure out where the problem is. Trying to include all the extensions and leave out my code compiles with no problem, so it’s definitely something wrong at my end. But my code is so dependant on so many extensions, it’s really hard to figure out where to hunt. And I’m hunting blindly, because I have no idea what can be causing this issue. I don’t know where to look.

Any help at all would be appreciated. I’m not even sure how to report this bug - the only way to reproduce it is with all these extensions, including mine own. Which makes for a big, unwieldy and unrealistic bug report.

This sounds similar to a problem Ron Newcomb reported, and that turned out to be something going on with his own code (see ). If your problem is the same as his, perhaps you also copied something from the standard rules with a “documented at…” portion?

Indeed! I had tried to browse the bug tracker, but I found it a bit hard to use, and I ended up thinking it wasn’t there. I do have this code:

To say p -- running on: (- DivideParagraphPoint(); new_line; -). To say l -- running on (documented at ph_lbreak): (- new_line; -). To say b -- running on (documented at ph_types): (- style bold; -). To say i -- running on: (- style underline; -). To say r -- running on: (- style roman; -). To say rpo -- running on: (- RunParagraphOn(); -). To say rpol -- running on: (- RunParagraphOn(); new_line; -).

The “documented at” bit did puzzle me, but I assumed it was necessary.

And of course, you have solved my problem completely. Many many thanks!

No problem!

For future reference, and/or others reading the thread: It’s less obvious than we’d like, and I think we can’t change the configuration, but the bug tracker does have a search box on this page: (Look under that first table for the search box, next to a button that says “apply filter”.)