An internal error has occurred: pathname not relative

Oh dear, I think Inform’s got it in for me today.
I dug up one of my projects that I thought I’d already fixed for 6L02, and using 6L38, I get

I can see this as a relatively recent bug on Mantis (…
But in the meantime, is there any obvious workaround? It certainly doesn’t happen for all projects, because others are working.

Does the error seem to be caused by a line like 1413 describes? (“Release along with a file of…”)

If not, what line looks like the culprit? I know source links are currently broken in error messages, so it’s not obvious.

Looking more closely at this source. The compiler reports that it’s the first line, the title/by author line.
Looking at the release line (following your suggestion): commenting it out, and everything works again (with the obvious exception that the release bits aren’t done).

breaks it. Removing the reference to the “Notes and spoilers” so that it reads

does not exhibit the bug.
Could this be dimly related to issue 1282 about the introductory booklet?

It looks like the feature “… along with a file…” is broken and that’s all there is to it.

The workaround would be to edit the generated web site HTML manually, and add the link that you want.

Great, thank you.
Is it worth adding any remarks to the matnis bug?

I’ve just encountered this problem while trying to add multimedia to a z8 game using Vorple. Does this mean we can’t use Vorple to create z8 games with multimedia in the current version of Inform?


It’s true that the automatic resource file inclusion is broken (at least in the Mac version), but you can work around it by placing the files manually to the release folder.

Great. Thanks. I wasn’t sure if it was that simple.