An IF parser outline in any language?

I’m trying to code a simple IF game from scratch, to better learn this kind of programming. I am keeping it simple, but I’m “not” looking for instructions on how to program.

I have searched everywhere on the internet for information on parser’s for IF. I can’t say I did not find anything, but I have to say that most of the information is very disorganized. So I can’t really grasp a simple setup for a parser. I did not pick a language for the program I want to create, but I would like to put down an outline for the parser, that I can work from. So basically pseudo code.

If anyone has a good detailed example of something like that, I would appreciate if you could share it here. I’ve not decided on complexity, so I’m willing to try the simplest parser to a more difficult parser.

Welcome to the forum zippie. I posted a list of parser links here,

Of those links I would especially look at: … ode=source
A ZIL manual, supposedly by Infocom itself. It is actually about programming in ZIL but if you read between lines, it’s - IMHO - best resource to start learning about parsing, etc.

Richard Bartle’s work on command parsers is amazing.