An Aswang Ate My Baby

I’d never heard of an aswang before I played Kerkerkruip… but the latest episode of Grimm is all about one!

I never heard of an aswang and a TV show named Grimm before I entered this topic. And it is all about the two of them!

I’ve heard of both in passing, but then I find cryptozoology fascinating. I don’t have cable so Grimm is one of those I’ve got in the “watch when it comes out on Netflix if I remember” shows.

So I’m going to head off to wikipedia and dig around a bit, should be fun!

To be fair, I think I found the aswang when searching through Wikipedia’s page on undead.

Where are you located, Absinthe? I’m in the USA and I watch Grimm on Hulu - it’s on broadcast TV here.

Texas. I actually have a physical TV, Netflix, and the basic cable package, I just hardly ever turn the thing on. I’m just out of love with television as an entertainment medium – with so little spare time and such low energy, I’d rather be doing something at least a little creative when I can. I’ve watched plenty of TV in my time, I just don’t have the patience now! You should be glad, every show I’ve ever gotten into has been cancelled shortly thereafter, seems like.

I’ve gone without a TV in the past, but now that I can watch shows online, I’m watching quite a few of them.