An Act of Murder - Help Needed

Hello all. I am in desperate need of a solution for An Act of Murder by Christopher Huang. I know parts are randomised, but I hope that someone out there will know what I need to do. I called the Chief Inspector, and have told him as much as I can and thought that I had eliminated everyone, but still don’t know what to do. Here is where my game stands:

Murder weapon is blood-stained poker. Cedric has no motive for murder due to blackmail letter. Alex and Deborah both have alibis at time of death. Benedict did not know about secret passage where murder weapon was hidden. Elinor has motive and ability to use murder weapon

I have told Inspector Duffy eveything I know and it seems that four of the five suspects have been eliminated but I still can’t win. If I try to arrest the remaining suspect, they are found not guilty on account of there being one piece of evidence missing.

What have I missed out? Thanks in advance, this is really, really bugging me.

Did built-in >HELP prove unhelpful? It’s been a while since I played, and glancing at my transcript doesn’t make it clear what you might be missing. You definitely have to have something that proves the motive, and something that proves no alibi.

Be sure you really do tell Duffy everything. Do things like >Tell Chief About Elenor’s Statement, >Tell Chief About Body Position, >Tell Chief About Tide Table, etc. Eventually, he should tell you that you have enough evidence to make the arrest. Until then, it won’t work.

Ah, I got there in the end. When I posted originally I must have restored to a point prior to telling Duffy about something I thought I had already mentioned.

A good game, very well written, although in my case a ‘recap’ command that told you everything that Duffy currently knows would have come in useful!

Thanks for your help.

How did you find the blackmail letter? I’m stuck where I know it’s her, I have all the other evidence, except for the letter. I can’t find it anywhere, and none of the walkthroughs go through this particular scenario.

I can even ask people about the letter, but don’t know where it is.

Also, I’ve read all the hints, I’m out of ideas.

Have you thoroughly searched the garage? I believe I found it in there when I played the game.