AmigaFrotz and images

I’ve installed AmigaFrotz in UAE. While I’m having a blast, the game doesn’t render images. Documentation for AmigaFrotz is sparse and about all I can tell is that it requires the Infocom image format, which doesn’t really help. So, does anyone know how to convert to said format and/or how to display the images properly?

I’m playing “Arthur” with 16 colours grphics right now in WinUAE. Just follow the instructions in the section “Suppoprt for V6 games” in the “” file… which I copypaste here just in case you don’t have a program to read .guide files properly:

Hope it helps!

Thank you! I think I got it so far, but when it comes to developing games in I6 and publishing them in an Amiga - friendly format, I’m having a trickier time. Is there any I6 existing facility and/or functionality to manage such things? (I’m running WB 3.1 on a 1200 and will probably be switching to AmigaDOS 3.9 soon, if it matters.)