Amazingly stupid question re: lists

How do I get the Nth element out of a list?

Programming to me is like a date where I want to talk romance and the girl wants to talk about how I split my infinitives.


–Is this language use actually defined anywhere in the sys manual or the library? I had to gist it from a demo.


Good question. It’s used in Learning T3, but you have to know what you’re looking for in order to find it. (It’s on p. 144, for instance.) It doesn’t seem to be mentioned on the List page of the System Manual.

It is defined in the TADS 3 System Manual, chapter 3: Look for “Fundamental Datatypes”.

Yup, it sure is. And while nearly every entry there has a short blurb and a link to a full description, in lists the indexing behavior is defined in the blurb and not in the linked full-article treatment.

I’ll give this page some good study.