Alternatives for Basic Screen Effects

Hi, in my game I need to use Basic Screen Effects By Emily Short but wait for any key. apparently won’t function in Glulx but I need to use Real-Time Delays by Erik Temple. Do you know what I could use instead?

“wait for any key” works in Glulx. What are you trying to do?

In the documentation for Basic Screen Effects (for me at least) it does say that multiple commands including wait for any key. don’t function in Glulx and they don’t function for me eaither although at the start I have included include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short

I assume you mean the extension description:

Waiting for a keypress; clearing the screen. Also provides facilities for changing the foreground and background colors of text, when using the z-machine. These abilities will not function under Glulx.

“Will not function under Glulx” refers only to changing colors, not to waiting for a keypress or clearing the screen. You’ll have to show your code.

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Oh ok. Here is my code

Forest Path is a room. "Quite a nice path".
tree is in Forest Path.
wait for any key.
log is in Forest Path. "Log."

(I just added the log as an placeholder to something I want to do.)

The problem there is that you can’t use “wait for any key” by itself, you’ll have to tell Inform when to wait for a keypress (At the start of the game? At the end of every turn? When the player does something?) For example:

When play begins:
    say "Press any key when you're ready to start.";
    wait for any key.

Thanks! I just needed to put it in After going to Forest Path: