Alternate syntax (coding) for actions

A suggestion for an alternate I7 coding.

The actions of the player/player character could be described in the third person

The player examines the key: “A rusty iron key.”

The player eats the orange: “That was delicious.”; remove the orange from play.

The player examines something: “You see nothing peculiar.”

The player reads the book for the third time: “You find nothing new in the text on the third reading.”

The player takes the diamond: “You have won!”; end the game in victory.

Before the player opens the front door, the player unlocks the front door. (or: tries to unlock)

The player listens in the Seashore: “The song of gulls.”

The player takes something in the Supernatural Void: “In this mist you feel you are unable to grasp anything.”; stop the action.

Before the player takes the napkin: “(first unfolding its delicare origami swan)”

The player does something other than examines, looks or listens while the player is tied up: “That’s not possible at the moment.”

After the player enters the house: “The door slams shut!”; now the door is locked.

The player says “Ta-da!”: now the player is in the Secret Cave.

All this would be more in congruence with the descriptive nature of some other phrasings used by I7: “The garden is west of the house.”, “The player carries an umbrella”, “The colour of an apple is usually green.”, etc.

Note also how ‘say’ is omitted above (before quotes).

Besides “stop the action”, the phrasing could be “can’t [do] something”:

The player can’t take something (anything?) in the Supernatural void: “In this…”

In this example, the action would stop because of “can’t”.

Just thinking aloud.