Alternate endings to Endless Sands

I’ve managed to get two winning endings for Endless Sands, and the hints imply that there are two more, but I’m stuck.I don’t know what to give the werewolf to chew on; I tried getting a bone from the skeleton but I’m always “overcome by guilt”. Also, I can’t find a key for the gravedigger’s door.
Meanwhile, I have some objects that I haven’t found a use for:the dusty clothes (which can’t be cleaned in the oasis due to vampire ash??), the chocolate bar, and the jazz magazine. Do these have a use or are they just props?

First ending:

You’re right about what the werewolf wants to chew on. But, before you take a bone from the skeleton you have to have had the whole discussion with the werewolf. Rather inconvenient for the time limit.

Second ending:

It’s hidden fairly close to the gravedigger

In the shed, perhaps?



And for the non-ending specific question:

I think those are all props. I haven’t found any use for them.

Aha, thanks!I guess I only thought of getting a bone from the skeleton after I restarted the game due to the time limit, and hadn’t gone back to talk to the werewolf first. And I never thought to look at the floor in the shed, maybe because it’s not mentioned in the description, only in the random messages.

I’ve found 3 of the endings, but can’t figure out where to find the keycard. I’ve got the radio working, but am stuck here. Any hints?

I think you need to

dig in the sand east of the start

Then you can

open the safe without knowing the combination

Then you might have to

guess the verb: SWIPE CARD vs PUT CARD ON READER

That did it, thanks!

Hi guys, I’m Hamish, the writer of Endless Sands.

Thanks a bunch for playing my IF. As a first attempt I think it was okay, but I’ve been seeing a lot of feedback about some puzzles being too confusing and not enough hints (while one or two of them were too obvious).

The fact that you guys were collectively able to find all the endings is reassuring, but it’s clear that I need to work on my writing and coding a bunch to make playing through a bit more fun, rather than just a chore.

Thanks so much for playing my game through to the end, even when it was annoying. All the feedback I’ve been getting is really helpful, and I can see where I need to make improvements. Especially with the werewolf “puzzle”, that one was just a mess.