Alternate door locking

This is my absolute last Aurora-related question (well, Aurora v5, anyway), I promise.

So I have two doors with retinal scanners. The basic mechanic is that, from the side with the scanner, you have to use the scanner to open the door and only certain people are allowed through; from the other side, there is no scanner and the door can be opened normally.

There are two ways I’ve been trying to implement this and both have problems.

First: Don’t use locks; just use an “instead” statement to redirect opening attempts from the one side to the scanner. Problem: This messes up NPC movement algorithms; they will get dead-ended at these rooms because they can’t get through (or else will just go through without using the scanner).

Second: Use locks, but have “instead” statements preventing them from ever actually being directly used. Problem: I can’t seem to make it so that you never see the default “you don’t have the key” messages (and I’m loath to use the default-messages extension just for this one thing).

Either way, NPCs are an issue if their destination falls on the other side of the scanner. Anyone have a good algorithm for “If you can’t make it to your destination, see if there is a scanner in the way and try using that?”

As for the default message:
I’m not sure it’s a library message at all. Are you perhaps using Locksmith or some other extension that may produce such a message?