Altering the Default Rules: A General Question

There’s no such document. After reading your I7 Handbook, and Aaron’s book, and Writing with Inform, you pore over the examples, and the Standard Rules, and the Template Layer, and this forum (I’ve learned a lot from Brady Garvin who hasn’t even been here for 8 years), and the DM4 'cause important subjects like how the parser and scope work boil down to “they work like in I6 except for where they don’t”, and Ron Newcomb’s Original Parser and Inform for Programmers, and other people’s extensions (Glimmr Canvas Animation has amazing stuff about properties you won’t find elsewhere), and the source of existing games (Counterfeit Monkey is especially rewarding, for programmers as well as its players). And ask questions here. And experiment and get used to being surprised any time you look really closely at a topic…

I’ve tried to at least provide pointers to the most important resources on The Inform 7 Documentation and Resources post. And while I appreciate Mike’s kind words, my webified Standard Rules and I6 Template Layer are a lot less relevant in a world where the v10 Basic Inform and v10 Standard Rules extensions and the v10 Kits are online. (I had finished the polished version of the Templates 3 weeks before I realized v10 was imminent – sigh. I suppose there’d be some value in having a single-page version of Basic Inform and the Standard Rules and an index to the kits, though.)