Allowing player to remove clothing

Brand new here.
Two days into a project.

Can not figure out how to allow the player to remove a wearable object from a person.

A Brunette Haired Woman is a person in the platform0. A brunette haired woman is scenery. the brunette is wearing a bobby pin. The description is "A woman with dark hair and a grey coat. She has a bobby pin in her hair."

Thanks so much!

There’s a rule that’s stopping you from doing it. To find out what it is, follow these steps:

Start your game.
Type “rules” at the command prompt.
Try your action: “Take pin.”

It will list all the rules that run, like this:

The rule it lists just before it stops you is the one you want to change: the “can’t take people’s possessions” rule. You could eliminate it completely like this:

The can't take people's possessions rule does nothing.

But that would be pretty drastic, because it would mean you’d always be able to take anything someone was wearing or holding. So it’s best to put a condition on it:

The can't take people's possessions rule does nothing when taking the pin.

…or “when the noun is the pin” or something like that. Now you can take the pin.

(By the way, make sure that the description of the woman changes depending on what she’s wearing–right now if you examine her after taking the pin it’ll still say she has it.)

HOLY SH**!!!

how long were you guys gonna keep this a secret from me?

any more such great things? o.o

Actions on (with the antonym off) does the same for actions (lists them). Scenes on does for scenes. It’s all in the manual.

There’s a lot in the manual. I find asking people nets better results quicker.

Fair enough, but there’s some stuff that isn’t in the manual, hence the distinction. Anyway, given the various discussions we’ve had about the “actions” command on this forum, it’s not as if it’s an obscure topic, is all.

…I thought I had had a conversation with you about it. Must have been a different person.

Anyway another one that can be useful is “relations” which shows all the user-defined relations between everything in your game. I had kind of meant to tell you about this one when you had the problem where “reject the player’s command” was in a When Play Begins rule and it cut off the When Play Begins rule that set all the relations you needed–if you had used the “relations” command that would’ve helped you find the problem.

Another good one is “showme pin” (or whatever)–this can be typed in at the command line and it shows you the pin and all its properties and where it is in the game world at the time. I forget if we’ve discussed that.

Anyway this is in section 24.3 of the manual–I think that might be an entirely new chapter? I don’t remember seeing it before and I do remember sometime someone making a suggestion “Hey, why don’t you highlight the testing commands more in the documentation.” I’m almost positive that the section at the end here (24.8) that says “Also, come right here to and ask people questions” is new.

Funny, I thought the same. Maybe it was holmes.