"All I need right now is the da-da-da-da dance floor."

First I wanna say Melissa Molinaro is more of a Jennifer Lopez lookalike than Kim Kardashian, and sexier than Kim too.

Someone give her a Tweet for me:

I think this whole thing is stupid!
It’s like when Spike Lee tried to sue Viacom for using his name in SpikeTV.
What’s next Paris Hilton suing a lady on the beach for saying “That’s hot (sand).”?
To be honest, I did think it was Kim when the commercial first aired, but it looked more like something Kyle Kardashian would do more than Kim.

I haven’t seen it on Youtube or in any article, but I’m sure I’ve seen Brooke Hogan doing your “Dance Floor” video.
From your exact movements right down to the computer words intro.

Anyway, I wanted you to know she does have a point, and has worked hard for her products (perfume, makeup, dresses).

If she wanted to sue you (and she has a right to do so) it should be for the many other things you’ve done, most notably “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Pussy Cat Doll”.

I’m not assuming you misrepresented yourself as Kim, but you didn’t say you weren’t her, which will be problematic for all those producers who are dragged into the lawsuit.

Don’t assume I’m on her side, I’m taking both arguments into account.
Even though it sounds silly (you can’t help how you look), if it goes to court, Kim has a stronger case because she created the products and you were just in the commercial, also the misuse of a SAG card does have a precedence (Julie Brown Vs. Julie Brown).