All conditions ignored when entering room


I have a room that acts as a pass-through between scenes. For some reason, none of the conditions I set upon entry are sticking. I’m pretty sure this is a straightforward syntax thing that I’m overlooking:

Hasdeparted is a truth state that varies. Hasdeparted is false.

Depart is a room. Depart is in Esper. "A cool breeze rushes across the deck as you exit the marina. You turn the wheel to starboard after crossing the shallow sand-bar. Small wavelets appear as the breeze coming from the east makes itself known. You adjust your course and head north-east out to sea. [paragraph break]Press 's' to continue...".

After entering Depart:
	now hasdeparted is true;
	now the current weather is strong_breeze;
	now the winch is in the cockpit;
	move Esper to SeaA.

The Cockpit is south of Depart.

The action for moving between rooms by normal means is going, not entering. So your rule is not catching.

The next problem is that if you change it to “After going to Depart:”, after rules stop the current chain of actions if they run. So normally, you’d go to a new room (going action) which would provoke a look (looking action). Using ‘after going’ stops everything after the going, including the auto-look, unless you manually continue on afterwards with ‘continue the action’.

The best way to avoid all that is usually to set flags during the Carry Out of the going.

i.e. Carry out going to Depart:
(your flag-setting code goes here)

Tip: type ACTIONS while playing your game. This test command will show you what actions are running when you do something. You will see in this case that there’s no entering taking place when you move to Depart.



Thank you, Wade, nicely explained. I shall try this tomorrow. Appreciate your reply, cheers.